A new buzzword  and some  thoughts on the tiresome subject of Climate Change  currently emanating from the media swarm in Paris; with many thanks to Conrad Black and the National Post of Canada.

Paris, city of light, a place that will generate more hot air in two weeks than  World CO2  emissions in a year. The politicians will strut the world stage and make hollow promises to save the world from a scourge they can only pay mock homage to, for the simple reason they do understand the science or the intent of the Eco-Armageddon movement ( mostly NGO’s)

The science of Climate Change, that replaced  the debunked science of Global Warming, is at best, complex and most likely flawed There maybe little doubt the globe is warming but the cause and the result are allusive. We know as a fact the World has been warmer on several occasions and that the seas warm and cool due to ebb and flow of tides far more than atmospheric conditions. The role of CO2 with life on earth is  complex because we cannot live with too much or too little; suffice it to say the result of too little is a far greater problem than too much.

Since the Industrial Revolution, and the commencement of large-scale man-made carbon emissions  the population of the world has increased by seven times but the carbon levels in the atmosphere have not increased by anything close to this amount, nor has the mean temperature of the World  oceans. 

These wobbles in the science would be tolerable on account of the very real  benefits of  cleaning up the atmosphere were it not for the introduction of Armageddon syndrome that lays bear the real intent of the movement.  This can only be a massive transfer of wealth from the richest to the poorest and the creation of a new elite  in the same manner as communism. (It should come as no surprise that the start of the movement coincided with the fall of communism ); the transfer to be accomplished by means of fear rather than the ballot box.

The hubris of the new elite is breathtaking but it will likely cause the downfall of the movement since, like the subjects in Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of the Emperors  Clothes, voters will  the see through the ruse and bring the experiment to a close. Then just like we did at the turn of the century with Y2K we will have to wait to see  if we will cross the invented Rubicon of the magic two degree rise in sea temperature  and chaos follows. 

In the meantime a diversion of resources and considerable dislocation is inevitable, as there would be in any attempt to re-arrange the World without firing a shot.  Canada’s so-called  dirty oil is an unfortunate example. Shutting in the second largest oil reserve  in the world from future production is nothing more or less than a taking  without recourse, to the thousands who will suffer because of the resulting fall in the standard of living. The idea that new industry will magically replace this engine of the Canadian Economy is a cruel farce that will not stand the test of time; ergo Ontario grand experiment  with green power ( $37 billion and counting)