The Muslims Are Coming:

 The media hysteria concerning the refugee crisis in Europe is hard to miss, even the reporter who felt it necessary to trip a father carrying his child in order to whip up the public outcry over the injustice of it all.

Whilst pondering this insanity  I received a missive from a reader containing a speech given in New York by  Geert Wilders, Chairman  of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands,  entitled “The Lights are Going Out All Over Europe.;”  The speech was a rant, postulating that the Muslims were taking over Europe, and left unattended, will shortly do the same in North America and elsewhere; rather like the christian crusades of a thousand years ago in reverse.  

This mass migration is not about the Muslims taking over the Western World , as Geert Wilders would have us believe.  Rather, I would suggest, the  stampede is being caused by those who, having been exposed to the digital marvels of our age,  wish for more of the same before the gates to muslim  paradise close for ever. To wit take a closer look at the pictures being streamed over mainline media outlets. How can you miss the smart phones?. Is there a refugee who does not have at least one? Are we really to believe that Muslims check their i phones  at the door of the Mosque or fail to remove the ha-bib  in order to use the thousands of apps available for instant gratification. These people do not want the stifling authenticity of the  Muslim creed–they want out of it. 

If by a miracle, the leaders of the European nations, could bring peace to Syria, does anyone really believe these people would go home? More likely we, ( Apple, Google,, and Amazon), having opened Pandora’s Box, to the wonders of technical innovation, made possible by the western way of life, can expect more of the same.

The ancient great divide between Shia and Sunni Muslims is a matter of faith and now a caliphate (a holy war) between the two divisions of Islam. This is a war that is going nowhere for the same causal  reasons as the great  Syrian  migration. The ancient strident rules of the religion have failed against the onslaught of modernism bought on by the internet and now the smart phone. The supreme leaders may growl and kill non believers, but they are powerless to halt the march of innovation.

Witness also the apparent back down of Iran over the matter of Uranium enrichment. This is no matter of authoritarian adherence to the slogan “death to infidels” but a practical solution to the obvious that the supreme rulers can no longer control a population that is exposed 24/7 to the western way of life and wants in.

As in any human migration there will be a few nuts included (as with the lady spurred, on by a lawyer looking for fame,  who refuses to remove a the ha- bib to take the oath of citizenship) These however should not detract from the positive lesson of history that shows   positive assimilation comes far more quickly than supposed.