Anti Rant:

Are you ready for an anti rant? In case you may wonder just what this might be, I will give you a clue. It is something, an event or happening, that you all psyched  to rant about, when lo and behold events turn on their head, and the outcome is all good, leaving nothing to rant about.

I experienced such an anti rant this week with a computer, a subject that I only talk about with great trepidation since I am known in the family as the digital dummy ; for good cause.

I am in the midst of writing a new book, my second, that is very different from my first, that gave rise to the naming of this blog “The Accidental Gold Miner” 

 The new  endeavor, is a historical novel based upon the great silver rush in South East British Columbia, that took place starting in the eighteen eighties, after the completion of the transcontinental railway in 1885, and ended with the advent of the First World War in 1914. What makes this special for me is that the events took place very close to where I live in the mountains, and many of my characters are based on real people who lived here.

Trying to keep track of many characters involved in plots and sub plots is a challenge, that has caused me, on several occasions. to get lost in the story. When this happens I can forget to save and book mark the manuscript; not a good thing.

Just recently one such episode caused me to lose 70 pages about a lady I had fallen in love with. I have no idea what happened and do not know where in cyberspace  this lovely lady ended up.

Having been rightfully chastised by one of my daughters for such sloppy behavior, I determined to get an external hard drive to automatically back up my efforts in case I drift off once more. 

When the neat little package arrived with USB cord (Surprise) I followed instructions (another surprise) and began installation. Before too long the dreaded pop-up appeared to let me know that this application could not be run on my computer, despite the instructions that told me that it was compatible. 

Now this got me going and ready for a monumental rant.  This time apparently my rant was not to be for upon examination of the extremely fine print I found and connected with technical support.  For a digital dummy these words can be similar to those other three feared words Some assembly required.  Not so this time.

A young lady, likely no older than  one of my granddaughters, assured me it would work, and that given a little of my time she could get me to nirvana. And that she did; after a great deal of effort on her part

She took me places on my computer I did not even know existed and hung in there as I plodded along trying to follow instructions while holding a remote phone. Places like disk utility, system preferences and best of all the time machine.  WOW! 

I got so excited when after three attempts it all worked that I pulled an anti rant and spoke to her supervisor to commend her for her efforts on my behalf. I sincerely hope she got a raise.

In the meantime I am reminded of the saying (I forgot who by) that life is not about battles but of  hard-earned little victories. Amen to that.


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