Eureka Moments:

Something new, and its about time, according to one of my daughters, an executive, and blogger, with Canadian sensation Haute Suite in Vancouver. “You write about the same old boring stuff about economics and the economy. You need to write things that interest people of my generation” Generation X or Millennials  maybe?

OK I get it, or at least I think I do. So I have decided on ‘Eureka Moments’ as a new feature that will be kind of like ‘Aha  moments’ when I get a blinding glimpse of the obvious.

I had such a moment this last week when the mainstream media was carrying on about how the TV Cable Industry was changing,  or more aptly, adapting to the loss of cable subscribers to streaming applications such as Netflix. What fascinated me was not the facts of the matter, these are evident in the numbers, but why are they happening?

The lame excuse pumped out by the Industry is that users, meaning younger savvy users, want everything on demand how and when they want it, and do not care for all the news and other hoopla. Maybe. But this does not square with what I am hearing. I think the reason subscribers are leaving the  cable ship in droves is because  Channel TV has become so incredibly bad and boring. 

Then there is also the elephant in the room in the form of the endless ads, that streamers do not have to watch. Maybe they pay for this privilege, maybe not, but I would be willingly pay to be rid of this irritant.To say nothing of the promos that do not count as ads in the regulatory framework.

The thought of not having to listen to and see Hillary’s (Clinton) exploits for the next sixteen months is enough to set me slavering at the mouth and demand my cable company sever the chord.

I can get all the news I want on my lap top or phone if I really need it?. Why would I subject myself to the cruel and unusual punishment that is today’s Cable News.  I can even get David Brooks, the most astute print commentator on the planet, when I want without having to tune in.

This does not mean I am a Social Media Hound, I will leave this to others. What it does mean is that I can be selective rather than slavish, a rare treat with the present deluge of media.

As one informed young lady put it to me “The only time it’s (Cable News) interesting is when they are reporting on what was already been reported on Social Media”

I do not delude myself that cable  is going away anytime soon or that it’s going to become cheaper. It looks to me like a swings and roundabouts situation. The cable companies will charge more for band width to make up for the loss of Cable TV revenue.  But the thought of paying no more for real choice is  very tempting.

Now if I can just find a way to watch sports without the constant prattle of the Color Commentators.




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