N.I.M.B.Y. s

N.i.m.b.y (sic)  is an acronym for the saying “not in my back yard” that is often used to describe how avid members of the environmental movement react when things like unsightly wind turbines are proposed in their neighborhood.

A case in point is that of a farm family now proposing to  a High Court in Ontario that the noise caused by Wind Turbines, in their back yard, is deleterious to human health and,accordingly,  contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I will not opine on the merits of the case, although,  a long shot  comes to mind. The case is significant for another reason. It may represent a first shot across the bow against the environmental movement in their push for Green Power at any cost.

I know, from personal experience in the Utility Business, that Wind Power is likely a giant boondoggle,. It has been accepted by government agencies, in a foolish effort to boast green power infrastructure, as a means of providing employment for those made redundant by the Carbon Kabul. Giant wind turbines now dominate great swaths of here-to-for verdant farm lands. The power produced  by these huge beasts is interruptible and cannot be stored with present technology. So the true economics for this form of green power, are hidden away in the cost of buying standby power for when the wind does not blow. Unfortunately these periods coincide with peak demand that is experienced when it’s either very cold or very hot.

The two present sources of standby green power are exorbitantly expensive namely Hydroelectric and Nuclear that already strain the finances of both private and government-owned power producers. Even the thought of them  is enough to set off the N.I.M.B. s in a frenzy of agitation.

More and more it seems that Politicians are quite content to let the courts sort out the battles that are raging over Climate Change. More the pity, because in most cases we already have lots of law. What we lack is justice.

In North America the Founding Fathers were well versed in the squabbles that could arise between competing states and provinces. This is why the Federal Government has ruled supreme when it comes to matters of prime importance to the confederation. No where is this more evident than in matters of trade and the transport of energy.

Nothing, until today,  has been allowed to stand  in the way of Interstate or Inter Provincial trade. Trade has been, and still is, a fundamental pillar of the North American way of life. None of the great nation building projects  would have happened if environmental assessments had trumped Federal  authority, as they are in danger of doing today.

Climate change has been going on since the end of the last Ice Age twelve thousand years ago. Before that there were at least two other huge incursions of ice caused by shifting Tectonic Plates beneath the earth’s crust, that changed the face of the World in ways we can only imagine. And yet somehow life adapted and endured.

The new elite, who are becoming  the Climate Change Dictators, would be wise to remember, that scare tactics, that involve the potential  loss of livelihood  to hundreds of thousands of people do not, and will not work. We cannot change by law or rote,  practices that have evolved over the last two thousand years in the blink of any eye.

Indeed the case made that Climate Change is accelerating might well be another giant boondoggle. The way this was explained to me by an eminent scientist and statistician, is that Climate Change is not constant in either direction. Rather we know that over the last twelve thousand years there have been mini ice ages and mini fast warming periods. if these variations are factored into the projections now being used by the new elite, the time frame for Armageddon can change by two hundred years.

This manipulation of the numbers is common when disaster strikes. If North America has a severe Hurricane Season, the new elite will jump recent events to project the future, that will promise greater and more hurricanes . We know full well that this is not true and that storms of all kinds tend to come in clusters rather than in a predictable future patterns.

N.I.M.B.Y s point to the hubris and duplicity that exists within the environmental movement, something that will have to change, if we poor mortals, are expected to follow the dictates of the new science of Climate Change.

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